Counselling services in the Southside of Glasgow


Abuse: Emotional, physical or sexual

All  the counsellors below have experience working with victims of abuse.

Donald Ashburn
Abuse can bring overwhelming feelings of shame, guilt and fear, to name but a few.  Donald will help you to explore these feelings in a safe, caring and completely confidential place.

Laura Coutts
Laura will offer you a safe space to explore any form of abuse you may have experienced in the past or in the present. She will work sensitively and compassionately with you and endeavour to support you to feel empowered in the work you do here and outside the counselling room.

Christine King
Whether past or present Christine offers a safe space and a compassionate, sensitive presence to help you talk. Going at your pace she will support you to heal and strengthen yourself to move forward.

Susan Lamont
Susan has had 12 years’ experience of working with clients affected by abuse in all its forms. Abuse often clouds our own ability to be able to continue to cope in life.

Dr Sarah Luczaj
Sarah’s focus is firstly to keep you safe, and only then to explore the factors which may have led you into the abusive situation.

Dr Rosemarie Lynass
Rosemarie understands that abuse can take many forms and offers survivors of abuse a safe and supportive environment in which they can, at their own pace, find a way to understand and express their feelings and needs. She understands that no two people’s experience will be the same and will work with each individual to identify a way of working that suits their individual needs.

Dr Lindsey Macleod
Lindsey works with people who have experienced a range of traumatic experiences in childhood and as adults, including sexual abuse. Therapeutic interventions aim to be empowering and are very much paced by the person seeking help, with an emphasis on co-constructing narratives within the boundaries and security of the therapeutic relationship.

Dr Lizzie Piper
Lizzie has many years’ experience of working with survivors of abuse and trauma. She provides a safe space for you to explore, at your own pace, what happened to you and the impact that this might be having on your life now. She works with you to find ways to cope with difficult memories, thoughts, emotions and behaviour patterns so that you can move forwards in positive ways.

Dr Johanna Pronk
Johanna offers you a safe place to explore the impact of abuse on your life. She offers a range of evidence based therapies to help you feel safe, access inner strength, process the abuse memories and regain a quality of life at your own pace.

Susan Shaw
Susan will work at your own pace in a safe, calm space. She will support you to explore your feelings whether it be past or present.





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