Counselling services in the Southside of Glasgow


All of the counsellors listed below have experience of working with clients with addictions

Donald Ashburn
Research shows that people suffering addiction are almost always experiencing an ‘emptiness’ and disconnection from others. Donald works part-time as an addiction therapist in a specialist rehabilitation hospital.  He has also worked as a counsellor at the Glasgow Easterhouse Alcohol Awareness Project (GEAAP). Addiction is not ‘self-inflicted’ or a ‘moral weakness’. It is a chronic, debilitating illness, which centres in the mind.  Addiction is treatable and counselling is very effective in managing both substance (alcohol, drugs etc.) and behavioural (gambling or shopping, for example) addictions.  Donald will work with you in a trusting, respectful and collaborative way.

Lee Groden
Lee has worked in a community drug rehabilitation unit providing one-to-one counselling and group work.

Christine King
Having taken that first step, Christine will work with you to affirm your motivation working with any ambivalence as well as addressing what your addiction means to you, its wider impact, your emotional needs and your risk factors.

Dr Sarah Luczaj
Sarah uses practical techniques of working with your own thought processes. This is hard work requiring commitment, but in her experience it works. She also works with the emotions that arise.