Counselling services in the Southside of Glasgow

Bereavement Counselling

All of the Counsellors listed below have experience of working with people who have been bereaved

Donald Ashburn
Losing a loved one is just about the worst think that can happen to us.  Donald will offer you the space and time to look at, and come to accept how you’re feeling and find the courage to express those feelings.

Rhona Boam

Louise Crockert
Louise has worked in a hospice and offers a safe space to explore what impact grief has on your life.

Christine King
Christine has worked with a cancer charity for people facing death or coping with bereavement as well as those trying to come to terms with sudden death. She offers empathic support to work through the grief process at a pace that feels right for you, working with the meaning of the loss and how to rebuild your life.

Susan Lamont
Our personal loss is different from everyone else’s. By acknowledging where you are, accepting how you feel and taking a day at a time, Susan will support you on your journey.

Dr Sarah Luczaj
Sarah has extensive experience of helping people who are struggling to survive the loss of a loved one.

Dr Rosemarie Lynass
Rosemarie offers a warm, empathic and non-judgemental space to explore your individual experience of grief. She will work at your own pace to support you in processing your experience.

Dr Lindsey Macleod
Lindsey supports children, young people, adults and families to be able to work through the grief cycle towards emotionally processing their loss.

Dr Lizzie Piper
Lizzie provides a safe space to allow you to explore your emotions around your loss, whether it is recent or further in the past.

Dr Johanna Pronk
Johanna can help you to move through your grief process in a compassionate way.

Susan Shaw
Susan provides a safe space to explore the many emotions that arise when you lose someone.