Counselling services in the Southside of Glasgow

Couple Counselling

All of the Counsellors below have experience of working with couples facing problems within their relationship

Christine King
Christine will help you to tell your story as a couple, facilitating more effective communication so you can understand both yourselves and each other in the relationship.  By working through the conflicts, changes, breaches of trust, she will help you understand and look at how you as a couple can find ways to sustain your relationship, or how you can come to terms with its ending.

Pam Richmond
Pam can help you to recognise the patterns you and your partner have developed, to look at why your relationship worked well at one time and why it may be working less well now, and what you can do to change the pattern. She will explore with you and your partner those issues which have an impact on your relationship. Pam also offers relationship counselling to individual clients who wish to explore their feelings about current or past relationships.

Lindsey Macleod
Lindsey works with couples to help clarify the nature of relationship difficulties and to identify dominant themes or narratives that may be restricting how couples are relating to each other.

Susan Shaw
Susan works with couples to explore effective ways of communicating. She offers a safe space to work through the issues you are finding problematic.