Counselling services in the Southside of Glasgow


The Counsellors listed below all have experience of working with people with Depression

Donald Ashburn
Depression is a very individual experience, as individual as you are.  Donald will give you the time and space to look at what it means to you and through exploration come to have a better understanding, which can help you to move through and begin to enjoy life again.

Louise Crockert
Louise offers a calm space to help you understand your depression and what you can do to help yourself.

Christine King
Offering a calm and safe presence Christine will help you to express yourself, understand your depression and strengthen yourself to better cope and enjoy life.

Susan Lamont
Depression is a struggle which each individual experiences in many different ways. Exploring depression with Susan will enable you to understand your experience and look to the future with confidence.

Dr Sarah Luczaj
Sarah has extensive experience helping people who are struggling with depression to uncover their will to live and thrive.

Dr Rosemarie Lynass
Rosemarie can offer a range of therapeutic models, including talking therapy and CBT, which should help you to understand your depressed mood and find ways of coping and increasing your sense of well-being.

Dr Lindsey Macleod
Lindsey draws on various psychological models to help people better understand their low mood and to explore ways of shaking off their “black dog”.

Dr Lizzie Piper
Lizzie has many years’ experience of working with people who experience depression. She understands that depression can feel very lonely and you can feel completely ‘stuck’ in your life. Lizzie provides a safe space for you to begin to unravel your problems and feelings, and to find ways to move forwards, at your own pace, towards a life you want to live.

Dr Johanna Pronk
Johanna can help you understand the origin and impact of depression and low mood and offers a range of therapies to help increase skills to handle painful thoughts and feelings.

Susan Shaw
Depression can be a very lonely journey. Susan will work with you to explore your feelings and look at practical ways that you can help yourself.

Paul Winn
Paul can help you to improve your mood by helping you to change the way that you think and behave and to break the cycles of negative thoughts, feelings and behaviour.