Counselling services in the Southside of Glasgow

Long-Term Illness

The Counsellors and Psychologists listed below have experience of working with people with Long Term Illnesses, and their families

Louise Crockert
Louise has worked extensively with clients with Cancer, HIV and other long term illnesses.

Christine King
Offering both face-to-face and Skype sessions, Christine can help you to talk about what your illness means to you without the need to be strong or brave for others.

Dr Sarah Luczaj
Sarah offers Skype sessions for people who are unable to travel to the office, and is experienced in supporting people with chronic illness.

Dr Rosemarie Lynass
Rosemarie has particular experience in carrying out research and working with individuals who have chronic health conditions. She offers a supportive, non-judgemental relationship where clients can explore their own individual experiences. She understands that no two people’s experience will be the same and will work with each individual to identify a way of working that suits their individual needs, with some clients preferring a more reflective, non-directive therapy and others wishing a more structured, problem-solving approach.

Dr Lindsey Macleod
Lindsey draws on Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapies to help children, young people and adults to adapt to long term illness and to develop flexible coping and resilience. She also supports carers in the stresses and challenges of their caring role.

Dr Johanna Pronk
Johanna can help you in your adjustment to long term illness, taking a mindful and compassionate approach.