Counselling services in the Southside of Glasgow

Relationship Counselling

All of the Counsellors below have experience of working with people facing problems within their relationship.

Emma Alexander
Emma has experience of working with couples both in an open-ended and a time-limited way. Being in a couple can be amazing but at times, due to life’s stresses, conflict and communication issues, it can be hard. Through open discussion and exploration, issues can be aired and resolved in order to build a strong, lasting and loving relationship.

Christine King

Christine King offers unbiased non judgemental support to help you understand and work through relationship difficulties. Sometimes we can get stuck in  our relationships, and need help to see whats going on and how we can do it differently. Building a collaborative alliance with you both, she can  help you to understand patterns of behaviour, resolve conflict and improve communication.

Susan Lamont
Relationships are complex. Susan will support you to unravel issues and explore ways to reconnect effectively and with integrity.

Dr Lizzie Piper
Lizzie provides a safe space for individuals to explore difficulties in their relationships. She allows you to find you own way forward with this difficult issue.

Pam Richmond
Pam trained with Relationships Scotland and has many years of experience as a relationship and couple counsellor. She offers counselling to individual clients who wish to explore their feelings about current or past relationships.

Susan Shaw
Susan works with individuals and couples to support them through their difficult situation and find ways to communicate better and have healthier relationships.